It's all about Passion


Some of you might know that besides running Alenarieca, I am also working as a designer for a local startup. From time to time, I get invited to be part of phone interviews for different positions my company is hiring for. Usually, these phone interviews are nothing too special – just a quick 30-minute fact-check and a chance to get a better impression of someone's personality. Last week, however, I jumped on a phone interview that left a lasting impression on me. Why?

This person reminded me of what should be the driving factor behind everything that we're doing: Passion.

What touched me the most is that this person probably didn't even realized how enthusiastic their descriptions were; so much attention for detail, so much love for every step of the project, which as a whole felt so sophisticated yet so effortless. As if every project – no matter how big or small – was rooted deep in their heart.

This interview left me so inspired that I couldn't stop thinking about what passion means to me. It implies hard work, but also joyful play. It means never to stop exploring. It expects to aim for the impossible and freedom from fear. It involves the highest pleasure, yet sometimes true sacrifice.

I believe we all should invest time to figure out what we're passionate about – and then go for it! Make it a living – make it your life. Passion is the drug that makes you work the whole night; it's the motor behind personal development, and it's the ultimate fuel for all your dreams.

So... What are you passionate about?